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21 Fun Ideas To Host Your Gallery Event

September 8th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

You’ve gotten to the point where you have your gallery all set up and ready to showcase your work. Now it is time to open the doors and host a fantastic event that will make a splash in your local community. Here are some fun ideas how to make your event the best it can be.

1. Serve appetizers within the color palate of your work.

2. Use light up ice cubes, especially for night events.

3. Present your work in an unconventional way. Why not display everything on the easels you use to paint, as well as the walls and ceiling?

4. Decorations should be minimal to showcase the work you are putting out to view, however doing a quick painting saying “Event Tonight” that showcases your style to hang outside your gallery can attract people passing by, and let your invited guests know where to go.

5. Many galleries have an industrial feel, which is great for everyday but can feel a little harsh for an event. Draping overhead lights with sheer fabric will not only soften the ambiance, but will highlight the white lights spotlighting your work.

6. If your event is to be catered, ditch the traditional black and white uniforms. Asking servers to dress to dress in less traditional colors gives your even a funky and hip feel. Just make sure they can be recognized as servers to your guests!

7. Wear your art. Looking your best, and portraying your artistic point of view to the public is important when showcasing your work.

8. Stay away from generic elevator music for your event. Find something that does not have words (as it can be difficult to hear over conversation and will be distracting), but still flows nicely with the feel of your event.

9. Explore alternate lighting sources that will work for your event. Paper lanterns, white holiday lights, or refurbishing an old chandelier can all serve as well as traditional lighting but creates a conversation piece for guests.

10. While not every artist is an on the spot type of creator, doing quick sketches of guests to hand out or similar quick forms of artwork it will keep your event in the minds of guests even after they leave.

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